About Us

Increasingly in the political arena, negotiation is regarded as weakness and ideological purity is thought to be more important than consensus or expertise. It is not enough that the opposition is wrong. Many in Congress, often with our sympathy, consider the other side to be unprincipled even immoral. Increasingly, we are either avoiding or yelling over people. When we ignore the informed opinions of people with whom we do not agree, we miss the opportunity to become more informed. I discovered how much your viewpoint can be influenced by the “other side” while attending law school. I spent three years with people a good deal more conservative than me. We debated in class and argued while socializing. As a result of sometimes heated but respectful debate we learned to understand and occasionally come to agree with opposing points of view.

At Audebant, our goal is to encourage political discussion, poke fun at the self-important and mock those who are certain of their moral superiority.

Here’s to you and I pushing back and finding a way to let the “other side” know that we are ready to work together to find common cause. Please feel free to email me at jeff@audebant.com with your thoughts. I really would like to hear from you.

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Finally, I hope you find something you like in our offering.